The First Funny Anecdote

Or maybe it’s not so funny. You tell me.

It’s winter now. There’s snow and such. My car decided to become a ballerina and do a little spin on the road three days ago. Right into a street light. Now I’m a good driver, but ice…that ish will get you every time. I was even going slow. Not a lot of damage really, and I’m fine, but my car wouldn’t start afterwards and I had to call for a tow.

The first company I called said it would take nearly two hours to get to me. I’d told them my info and such, but said that was too long and I’d call someone else. The second company I called said they would charge me $90, just to tow me three blocks. Screw that. So I called a third towing company. Like Goldilocks, I found this one to be just right. They showed up in about thirty minutes, and were in the process of getting my car hooked up when that first company arrived.

Forehead slap. I know I told them I was calling someone else. Someone who would get there sooner. So wtf, mate?

People got their wires crossed I guess. But that’s not the funny (and slightly horrible) part.

The dude got back in his truck and pulled out into traffic…and a car in the other lane suddenly switched lanes. The car slid right in to the poor tow truck. Of course there was hardly any┬ádamage to the truck, but the car was in kind of bad shape. Dude was okay and all, but still. The irony. As my tow truck finished up, I watched as this damaged car got hooked up to the tow truck he had just slammed into. Of course there were cop cars and all, and it was quite lovely with the snow and ice, the red and blue, and traffic backed up as far as I could see. So fun. Poor guy. He should have watched where he was going. At least I wasn’t bored while I was stranded. Though I was quite cold!

A Place to Call my Own

Hello there. I just needed a place to write. I have stories, you see, that fill the corners of my mind, that overflow into my busy, less-than-focused thoughts, and I need a place to dump them so they stop encroaching on my work.

Some stories are from my life. Things I remember like funny anecdotes or stuff that sucks. Some are the stories my brain composes while I sleep, or while I’m drifting off to sleep. You see, I want to be a writer, eventually. I have to make money first, so that I can spend my time writing and live off said money. Harder than you would think, making money.

Anyway, as you can tell, I have a hard time focusing. Not entirely because my head feels too full, like two gallons of water are sloshing around in there taking up all that room (though it does feel like that quite a lot), but because I’m just a random person, hence the name of my site, randomized thoughts.

Welcome to the chaos that is my brain.